Superial is not just a system for the production of standard doors and windows; turning and tilting windows, hopper windows, and out-swung windows are also available. The system is available in a version with concealed sashes. Superial is among the most versatile systems in our product range.

  • Features thermal breaks
  • Frame depth: 75 mm
  • Window sash depth: 84 mm
  • Door frame depth: 75 mm
  • Door leaf depth: 75 mm
  • Glazing units: 14 to 61 mm in depth
  • Standard glazing package 4/16Ar/4th [Ug=1,1]*
  • Three-chamber profile structure
  • Bent-formed profiles available
  • Two drainage types available: standard or concealed
  • Round or square glazing beads
  • Subsystems available: Superial OUT and Superial US
  • Single and double-leaf casement doors available with a low threshold
  • Available in enhanced thermal performance versions: Superial (i) and Superial (i+)

*Standard of the day 16.04.2019. Requires technological confirmation.

Colours can emphasise the shape of aluminium joinery and provide it with individual character and genuine appearance.

All aluminium systems offered by our company are available in two colour palettes – RAL and DECORAL. We supply anodised windows and doors as well. Such a large selection enables you to choose the perfect windows to match both the interior and the façade.


Basic colour palette. Profiles come in one of 213 smooth colours or in sand or metallic texture.


Woodgrain finish palette. Aluminium joinery offered by our company comes in the following colours: golden oak, walnut, mahogany, bog oak, beech, pine, cherry, burnt sienna, sienna rosso, winchester, golden cherry.

The specific design of the Superial system makes it the perfect choice for the production of regular windows, facade display windows, side-hung windows, tilt-and-turn windows, tilt windows, tilt-and-slide windows, as well as in-swung casement (French) doors, made with modified window sashes. The windows made with this system can be used in building façade systems.

Superial boasts excellent thermal performance. This is due to purpose-designed thermal cores, placed between thermal strips and around glazing panes. The design of Superial profile shapes provides unlimited glazing possibilities. The system frames can accommodate double-glazing units, triple glazing units, sound-proof panes and anti-burglary security glass.

The system is intended for housing and public buildings. Superial is available in two enhanced thermal performance versions: Superial (i) and Superial (i+).

Superial OUT

Superial OUT is largely intended for hopper windows and out-swung windows. This subsystem is fully compatible with its master system, Superial (the system components, including fasteners, gaskets and glazing beads are identical). However, Superial OUT features window frames perfectly flush with the sashes from the inside.

Tilting windows made with Superial OUT can feature tilt or scissor hinges. The hardware allows the sash to be tilted outward from the top or the bottom. In-swung side-hung windows can also be produced with this subsystem.

Superial OUT allows for the installation of windows in display strips. This is enabled by the reversing profile.

Maximum structural dimensions and weight of Superial OUT products:

  • Tilt/hopper windows: minimum/maximum sash width and height 500 mm/2000 mm; maximum sash weight 100 kg (for hopper windows);
  • Side-hung windows: minimum sash width and height 500 mm; maximum sash width/height 1500 mm/3000 mm; maximum sash weight 120 kg (for side-hung windows).

Superial OUT is available with enhanced thermal performance. The product structure can feature thermal insulation around the glazing and profile interface. Superial OUT i+ expands this feature with thermal insulation between thermal strips.

Superial US

Superial US is a system of three-chamber window profiles with thermal insulation intended for production of windows with sashes which are concealed from the outside. A distinctive feature of this subsystem is a dedicated window frame form which conceals the entire sight width of the window casement. This solution is the latest hype among designers. It makes openable and fixed window lights look just the same from the outside.

Casement (French) windows (singe-leaf, double-leaf, and rectangular) can feature optional low thresholds. Thermal performance can be improved with the optional ACRS461 gaskets.

Superial US is available with enhanced thermal insulation, in which additional thermal insulation is installed around the glazing and profile interface.